Joey Wallace

Joey Wallace

I am a visual & mixed-media artst.


This is a sample of selected work I’ve done as an artist, photographer, graphic designer, and director. My work has always been some form of mixed media, whether it’s putting experimental audio and soundscapes to video, painting, drawing, image manipulation, or film.

My work in music goes back a long time, starting with performance photography, album covers, and concert flyers. This is a tiny sampling of my work in the music industry circa 1997 to the present. This collection includes graphic work, zine art, and mixed media work on canvas, paper, video, and sound.

All images are Copyrighted by Joe Wallace except where collaborative work was done and rights are shared between myself and my collaborators.

Recent Work 2017-2018

A lot of my work is inspired by mid-century Abstract Expressionism including artists such as Franz Kline, Mark Rothko, Clyfford Still, and many others. My work in this area explores the relationship between color and structure, and is inspired by urban sprawl, industrial expansion, and cityscapes. Near Dark 2018 Joe Wallace, Acrylic on Wood (48×24)

Play Here, 2016, Joe Wallace, Ink on paper 24x36Play Here, 2016 Joe Wallace, Ink on assembled paper (48×24)

Neon Nights 2, 2016, Joe Wallace, 12×36, Neon, acrylic on reclaimed wood.


2018 Ephemeral Media / Zine Art Show, Flatiron Arts Building, Chicago Illinois

The Room That Became A Zine: Ephemeral Media Artwork By Joe Wallace

Zine Art Pending Publication

Zine art by Joe Wallace‘E Looks An Awful Lot Lahhk Broyan Ferry, ‘E Does, Joe Wallace, 2017, Digital.

What The 18th Century Night Watchman Saw, Joe Wallace 2017, Digital

Artist Books And Publications By Joe Wallace

Things I Wrote While Drinking by Joe Wallace Art JournalsThings I Wrote While Drinking, An Art Zine By Joe WallaceEven The Cat Is An Art Critic by Joe Wallace

Military. Punk. Zine. Strange Adventures In Print Between Japan And Texas


Graphic Work 2010-2018: Album Covers

Joe Wallace album cover designs

Joe Wallace album covers

Joe Wallace album cover photography

Other Work 2014-2017

Here is a small sampling of paintings, photography, video art, and other work I’ve completed since 2012. Some of these combine neon light with painting to create a mixed-media work inspired by Dan Flavin and Raymond Pettibon.

Joe Wallace Chicago artist

Joe Wallace artist Chicago Flatiron Arts Building

Joe Wallace graphic artist and painter Chicago Flatiron Arts Building

Joe Wallace artist illustrator

mixed media work image manipulation Joe Wallace Chicago artist Dan Flavin Raymond Pettitbon

Video Art 2015-2018