Joey Wallace

Joey Wallace

I am a visual & mixed-media artst.


I am, among other things, an abstract expressionist painter. Of the original 50’s era New York school painters, my work is most simpatico with the paintings of Franz Kline. But lately I’ve been working with digital/analog hybrid work and including a lot more text than I used to, so it seems that my work has evolved into something that incorporates disparate elements of graphic art, abstract painting, ephemeral media, zines, etc.

My paintings are often large-scale. I tend to paint with canvas, fabric and paper no smaller than 18×24. My work sometimes includes India ink for smaller pieces where paper and fabric are involved. I accept commissions and projects in a variety of sizes. Much of my older portfolio is monochrome or grayscale, but more recently I’ve been working with color in a similar manner.

I’ve also been combining my paintings with photography and neon light or other alternative light sources to create hybrid works of art; digital prints, internal dye-transfer photo prints, and other printed media. At the present time I am working on some experimental/process type photography that incorporates painting as both the source and as a treatment on the final prints.

I am currently accepting assignments and commissions on a limited basis, depending on the nature of the project. You can email me to discuss a new project at

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