Joey Wallace

Joey Wallace

I am a visual & mixed-media artst.


I accept commissions on a limited basis, but I am happy to discuss your needs. Contact me about commissioned work or other topics via e-mail:

Please note: the commissions I accept are usually in the abstract expressionist style or in the style of my more representational work inspired by ephemeral media. I generally don’t do realism, kid stuff, illustrations outside my own style, etc. Below are images of the types of work I do-if these resonate with you we can definitely work out the details of a commission.

Thank you very much for your interest.

Untitled Grid #5, Joe Wallace 2016, Gesso, acrylic, and ink on unstretched canvas.

Spill Her, Joe Wallace, 2016, India ink on paper.

Detail, Untitled 2016, ink on paper, Joe Wallace


Red Neon #3, Joe Wallace 2016, Ink, gesso, neon, and wood.