Joey Wallace

Joey Wallace

I am a visual & mixed-media artst.

New Abstract Expressionist Paintings

I’ve been working on a mixed-media project involving some 5ft x 5ft abstract expressionist paintings that will likely be combined with some self-portraiture (the paintings will be shown on their own in a separate show). Here are some of the works in progress. I’m currently painting in a studio in Chicago’s historic Flatiron Arts Building in Wicker Park. I’ve been working and showing there since October of 2015 and enjoying the experience so far.

Joe Wallace Chicago Abstract Expressionist painter

Chicago Painter Joe Wallace Abstract Expressionism Franz KlineThese works are black, white, and grey gesso plus India ink on unstretched canvas. They can be framed, or mounted on wood or behind glass. All the work you see here was created in 2016 and all images are copyright Productions.

Abstract painting Chicago Joe WallaceThis one is 9ft x 6ft, also in progress. Here are a couple of detail shots of this abstract expressionist canvas, below:

Abstract Expressionism Joe Wallace Chicago Painter

Chicago Painter Joe Wallace abstract expressionist

If you are interested in these works, or want to commission a similar piece, please get in touch with me at I’d be happy to discuss projects, terms, pricing, etc. I work in a visual style similar to abstract expressionist Franz Kline, who worked from the 1930s until his death in 1962. My work is a bit busier than Kline’s at the moment, but I do enjoy his comparatively more minimal approach in some works.

Joe Wallace Abstract Expressionism paintings Chicago artist



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New Abstract Expressionist Paintings